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Defined-benefit Pension Plan Survivorship Election: Life Insurance You Choose at Retirement

Defined-benefit pension plans pay a monthly income for life regardless of stock market fluctuations or how long you live.  Sweet.  However, participants must make a life insurance decision at retirement. It may not look like life insurance, but that’s what it boils down to.  They don’t pay a premium as one does with life insurance; […]

Insurance Should Be Third Tier

I just finished a case that showcased how smart people are tricked by the insurance industry. As I reflected on it I thought of a simple exercise that can keep others from falling into the same trap. I’d like to share the story and solution with you. This client is a surgeon– a pretty smart […]

The Most Important “Credential” an Insurance Advisor Can Have

Consumers naively believe that professional designations are the most important credentials an insurance advisor can have: Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), or Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Granted, credentials mean the advisor has a reasonable head on his shoulders and has completed a disciplined educational path. I would submit to you that the salutary […]

The Advantage of Using a Multi-company Insurance Brokerage Firm; of Backdating; of Paying Premiums Annually. Case Study # 13

I just finished a case that illustrates the advantage of an insurance brokerage firm representing many companies versus a single company, even a good one such as Northwestern Mutual, State Farm, or USAA. The best offer my normal go-to company would provide this client was Preferred rather than Preferred Best, because she uses anti-anxiety medication. […]

Which Insurer Will Treat You Best?

I finished two cases in December that each took over half a year to wrap up. Very unusual. They had other similarities too: minor health issues, over insured by major insurers, with young children yet oblivious to Social Security survivorship benefits, and best of all, their improvements were outstanding. These type of improvements motivate me. […]