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The Value of a Second and Impartial Opinion

The way most people buy life insurance is a recipe for poor results. It violates two clear principles of successful decision-making commended in Proverbs 24:6. “By wise guidance you will wage war and in an abundance of counselors there is victory.” Notice two dominant adjectives: wise and abundance. In other words get a second opinion… but be sure it’s wise. Continue reading

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From the IIA Blog:

Surrendering a Cash Value Policy? Don’t Waste the Loss

I see many misguided initiatives to drop cash value policies, coming from a guru’s generalization that “whole life insurance is bad”, or an agent’s effort to make a new sale. Dropping a cash value life insurance policy warrants careful consideration: calculating the real (not nominal) rate of return, comparing alternative investing strategies, assessing the current health of the insured, one’s current need for death benefit, and the taxation upon surrender.
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Balance Your Tires; Sharpen Your Ax

A life insurance checkup is like getting your tires balanced and aligned. Not only does it extend tire wear and help the front end last longer, it makes the ride enjoyable too!
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Mike Cave has firsthand experience as a career insurance agent for 15 years from 1978 until 1993. He knows how to get good insurance value in the marketplace. Read More »